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Beginner’s course

What if I told you that you can channel your Angels and Guides all by yourself? 
Well, it is definitely possible! In as little as 6 weeks my Psychic Course can help you personally master your own psychic talents and intuition. 

"What will I receive?" one might ask,

-60 minute private live (phone) session, once a week
-100% Customized weekly syllabus which can be up to 7 pages
-a short list of strengths and areas for improvement
-unlimited guidance and support from me throughout the course via email

 The overall curriculum is as follows;

Week 1 - Psychic protection
Week 2 - Cleansing & healing
Week 3 - Meditation & Connection to your higher self
Week 4 - Understanding the messages from your Angels & Higher Self
Week 5 - Learning to manifest using your psychic ability
Week 6 - Preservation of your gift while staying in a higher vibration & Conclusion

***You may take one course at a time or all six consecutively***

Before beginning each week, a payment of $199 is due.
You must complete the payment before we can schedule your lesson. You may also purchase all 6 weeks at once if desired.

To schedule please click the button below.

***Upon request I do offer Psychic Course 2,3 and Mediumship Courses. Also I offer training to become a Professional Psychic Medium and upon completion of 8 weeks I help place my students on well known websites to start their career. Please inquire for these private courses***

There are no refunds given as slots get filled and Anna only gives credit to use on any of her services or take the course within the 6 months of purchased date. 

Psychic Course 101
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