"Powerful Miracle Manifestation Book" This was made to help all reach a higher level of conscious on their spiritual journey. It combines methods that lead to higher spiritual awareness as well as reveals to you effective laws of attraction techniques! Anna has used these very know secrets and tools in her daily life to manifest all in her own world. She put together a book course which is a 30 day manual that is done one day at a time. She not only channels the creator energy but she makes it very simple to follow. So if you are looking to connect to the creator and ready to manifest all in your life now, then this is the book for you. Come and empower your life and raise your vibration now! Start manifesting with this Powerful Miracle Manifesting Book which has helped several attain their wants and needs! Guaranteed results if you follow the books guidelines.
Psychic Intuitive Mentor and Empowerment Life Coach
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​Testimonials below!

This book has seriously help me become a better person in all aspects. This is coming from a once skeptical individual who didn't believe in the whole universal energy deal, but it truly does exist! Before I began this course, I was the unhappiest person, who was lost, confused, and frustrated with my situation and going through a rough breakup. I wanted to change my life and feel like I'm worth something. I didn't realize how much of a negative person I was until I started reading this book. It was an GREAT guidance to release all my negative thoughts and energy that I unconsciously was holding onto. It helped me learn how to focus on myself and love myself unconditionally. I learned that positive energy is a huge deal if you want good things to happen to you. I started manifesting things that would legit freak me out and make me think it's witchcraft. The universe listens to what you put out there. Reading things like my last sentence would make me think those people are crazy, but here I am witnessing what they're speaking of. God, the Universe, and your Angels are listening and this book helps you strengthen your spirituality and really help you believe that you are not alone and have a loving God taking care of you.

Michael L.

Blessings!! I am on day 26 of this book and my life has already been changed! This book is wonderful! Not only have my finances improved drastically, but I as a person have changed. That may be better than monetary gains. Before I began this book, I had been that person who spoke I'll about people, who judged people, and who would avoid people because of their personality. I had anxiety over little things. Now I do not speak ill about people, because I don't see the bad in people. Now I am not judgemental, because I am see the love in people. I still have some anxiety; but situations that have occurred that would normally send me in a tailspin of chest pangs and worry are now so miniscual,since reading this book. I thank you, Anna Simon, for writing this book.

I have read the book: The Magic. While this book is a good read the exercises were so hard to follow. With This book it is simple, AND IT WORKS! Blessings to everyone! And I definitely recommend that you read this book!


Well I have and utilize the positive, loving, universal life energy on a daily basis. I feel it a lot stronger now since the course, I am more aware of energies, and I have been manifesting but I feel like I am not aware of the all the guidance that is given. Looking over the past 7 days I have been through a lot of mental changes, I am being more conscience of my words/thoughts, and manifest as I know it is already here. I feel, know, and even people around me see a big change in me. I have a strong knowing that I can do/have whatever my heart desire. Now that I continue to listen to your past shows and by doing this course it is helping me get clear on what I am manifesting.

Cierra W.

Sometimes one wonders how or why another person comes into this life of ours, it is a lesson for us to grow. Since meeting Anna three months ago there have been so many positive changes that have happened in my life and that of my family. I was fortunate enough to experience a personal reading and from there soon after chose the Manifestation Course that Anna offers, it was in this course that I literally felt something switch in my being. My eyes were opened to what this universe has for everybody, including me. My learning throughout my childhood and adult life to this point was basically going against the flow of the universal energy. I always thought that in order to go forward in this life I needed to struggle to succeed and along the way I was creating and holding onto a lot of negative thoughts and feelings. Once I was able to realize this and take the teachings from Anna to re-create my thoughts, life is so much happier and fulfilling. I now understand that I do deserve what I desire and I can create it by moving with the universe. I know that all I desire in my life is coming to me now, for that I’m grateful, and that at this moment I appreciate where I am, what I have and who is in my life now….all of this will lead me to my treasures. Thank you Anna!

Darlene J.
Alberta, Canada

Hello Anna,I feel the difference since starting the course and reading your blogs everyday.I danced beautifully yesterday and had the angels and guides with me because I called on them the night before and during the day. You are capable of doing great works, your helping so many people right now. You have been my advisor for so many years and I am grateful you are in my life. I pray that your thoughts, desires, words reach as many people as you so desire. Your blogs are life lifting and the words are inspiring. May all your desires manifest into reality (which I know they will)

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