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Accurate & Detailed SMS Text Psychic Answers

Need a fast answer to a pressing question right this minute, but have no time or privacy to talk on the phone? Just have one quick question? Text a us now. Get an instant psychic text reading, psychic messages sms sent easily and discretely to your mobile cell phone.

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Talk to Sara or Alexis whom are highly gifted like their mother! 

Alexis (2)-Detailed questions  for  $30 
   Sara (2)- Detailed questions for  $20

Psychic Text Readings! Why Text A Psychic?
Easy & Simple Psychic Texting, SMS Psychic Text Chat Reading 

These prices are for one specific question only! (No question within question allowed!)

All text questions are done in order . And if received after hours your question by first to be answered the next day. This is a faster way to get your session done without scheduling. 

  Sara schedule from 11 am to 10 pm CST.
  Alexis schedule from 11am  to 7pm CST. 

Psychic Questions Answered Instantly! 
Psychic Questions Answered Instantly!
Sara is on Maternity leave until June 30th 2017.
Pre-pay & then text your questions to (469)863-3326

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