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Anna Simon
World Renown Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher
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Seeking Guidance & Answers for all your life questions? 
Uncannily Accurate! Unlock your true destiny now!

Anna provides very accurate psychic readings including names , dates, and descriptions of your true soul mate and your spiritual path. She will teach you how to manifest your true desires with deeply spiritual techniques that are well proven and very effective!
  • Private psychic readings, in-person and over the phone.
  • Teaching people since 1994
  • Specializing in love,career and life issue   
  • Higher energy practitioner 
  • Psychic classes 
  • Group readings 
  • Mediumship readings
  • Over 3,000 clients
  • Author of Powerful Miracle Manifestation Book 

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Read below recent testimonials from Anna's Clients!

Anna and I have spoken many times in the past and more recently now regarding a situation I am going through. Not only did she explain so accurately how he felt about me but described my situation with him to a T. It felt like she knew him more than me! I have to say Anna is so easy to talk to she really cares about her clients & would never lead you in the wrong direction. She says it how the Angels see it! That is why I respect her and I will be her client for life! Thank you Anna

Love Fatima

I've known Anna for years,she had guided me in areas of my life she's has always been on point mostly she listened to me and took time out for me I really appreciate her friendship now my daughter will be going to her and she's in loving hands thank Anna for shining your light helping us all thank you

 Cheryl Clarke

I asked Anna's help about rekindling my friendship with a guy. that was last week of November 2014. i asked for a time frame. the angels said in 90 days we will have the chance after they heal the fear in his heart. i am happy to say in dec. 22, 2014, my friend sent me a message. and now we are friends again. thank you Anna for asking the angels in my behalf. now i am so happy. thank you my loving angels for your help and giving me the best christmas gift i ever wanted.

 Donata Salvacion Martin

Anna Simon is a world-renown Psychic Medium,Spiritual Teacher,Clairvoyant,Author, Energy Practitioner. Anna credits her amazing abilities to GOD. She is uncannily accurate with names, dates, details in her readings. Listed #11 for the 2014-2015 as The Best Metaphysical Teacher in the World out of 800,000 fellow colleagues. Anna empowers you by giving you accurate psychic readings including names, dates, and descriptions of your true soul mate and spiritual path. Her healings are done through loving Universal Energy. God has given her great gifts that she wants to share with you to help you to be happy in life.
Anna Simon has incredible GOD-given gifts and I endorse her and highly recommend her.
Bill Bean 'Spiritual Warrior'

I have had several readings with Anna and will continue to reach out for her guidance. Anna is very warm and kind but also blunt and to the point. She pushes you to believe what you already know is true as well as helps you to see through that which is currently unknown to you. Anna has made several accurate predictions for example, Anna was able to describe quite accurately the new home I would be moving into as well as the roommate I would have. Anna has also helped me to keep faith and to focus on positive energy while pushing away negative energy. 

By Zack Brinkmeir

My dear Anna,last night was the first time we spoke,at a point in time in my life when i was intuitively guided to you because my life is at crossroads. Again, i can't thank you enough for your loving guidance and helping me to understand the "whys". Very powerful insight into my future,extremely helpful,since I'm going trough a transformation. You are a gift to All of us! Thank you and I love you and again,CONGRATULATION for you being the 11th most powerful metaphysical teacher in the word!!!

 by Szilvia Marsa

She did it again! ☺️ She is amazing! Every time I call her my business grows. She is able to see what I cant and her messages are on point. She never skirts the truth. I am so grateful for Anna. She has forever changed my life.

by Randi Mitchael

ANNA IS AMAZINGLY ON POINT! I had my 1st reading with her September 2013. EVERYTHING came to pass. I just phoned her for the Soul Mate Session and am anxiously waiting to meet "The One". She told me what he would look like "because that's what you like." She knew what I want and need! You will NOT be disappointed. Thank you Anna!

by Cindy Pride

Very friendly, very nice lady, just by hearing her voice, I am already calmed. and the answers were accurate and actually happened to me after she told me! She is not only a psychic but also a teacher and mentor who will enlighten you down the road. Thanks to Anna for your help!!!

by ling zheng

Anna has been my ad-visor for 2 years and never does she fail me! Accurate and detailed in every session I have received! Call her she  truely does connect to your Angels. She is the best!

by Margo Flint

Anna provided me with a very insightful and rewarding reading today. I have had several psychic readings in the past, and have to say that Anna provided me with the most insightful, logical, and accurate reading that I have ever received. What separates Anna from the rest, is her ability to take in the information and express it in detail. Other psychics that I have worked with in the past, were not as detailed with their vision, making it difficult to interpret the information. Thank you!!

by Jon Sebag

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