Everyday so many of us wonder how we can get to that place in life that we dream about… how can we overcome the challenges and remove the barriers. The answer is “Manifestation”.

Who is Anna Simon and how can she help you?

Anna is an Empowerment Life Coach and Intuitive Mentor.
Anna can teach you how to have the life you want.  
As Founder of  SpiritWithinReach.com, she has taught thousands of people how to reach their highest potential. Her special gifts of clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairsentience allows her to share valuable insights that can allow others to make better informed life decisions. She in not ‘just a psychic’, Anna is a spiritual teacher, mentor, lecturer and humanitarian. It is a life path she decided to follow over 20 years ago, having endured the same life challenges with which many of us contend with daily.  

As an Empowerment Life Coach she will equip you with the positive thinking and attitude you need to succeed. As she imparts her insight, you become more aware of yourself and your purpose.

As an Intuitive Mentor she will use her gifts to give you guidance so can make better life decisions. We all have life lessons to learn and grow from on this journey.

“We are all energy beings and our vibration impacts our ability to manifest what we want. Its important too to understand that once it is in the interest of the highest good, then manifestation is easier.” 

There are many testimonials on her website that explain the impact she has had on several individuals. “Anna’s approach is honest and nurturing. She is bubbly, positive, loving and understanding, even when she delivers what may be the unexpected at the time. Her ability to explain the puzzle of the situation and the reason behind the ‘now’ is extraordinary. She is a living example of what she teaches. I am fortunate and blessed to have her in my life. She truly cares about everyone she speaks with.”

How did Anna get started?

Born with the gift of sight, Anna also possesses the ability to connect to your higher vibration. As a little girl, she recognized that she had special abilities, however; she did not fully comprehend her gifts as a psychic advisor. She would have visions and receive messages for others but remained unaware that she was communicating with a higher vibration. As the years passed, she began to have encounters that broadened her spirituality. During this time, as a young adult, she offered psychic readings for friends and family. This further propelled her gift and enabled her to hone her craft to become validated in her work today.

Over a decade ago, great tragedy struck Anna's life that changed her course forever. As her relationships and finances fell apart, she lost all sense of inner peace. She began doubting what role she had to play in this world. But somehow she clung to the knowledge that she still had her power of clarity and prayed for true spiritual guidance. One night, a strange light awakened Anna in her bedroom door. She saw an image of an Angel who came to her and advised her that her life would change forever. She was asked to use her Psychic gifts to help others reach their full potential.

A week after her spiritual awakening, Anna found herself drawn to people who had taken the path of true spiritual calling. She visited a spiritual teacher for psychic advice and was informed that she needed to use her psychic abilities to help others. Anna told the teacher that she loved helping people but didn't know where to begin. The reader mentored her and helped her regain her spiritual identity. Since then she has helped others regain their sense of self also.

What makes her different from other spiritual teachers is that she uses her gifts to empower her clients. Sessions with Anna will teach you how to simply and effectively manifest your true desires. Anna guides you by giving spiritually psychic readings including names, dates, and descriptions of your true soul mate and spiritual path. Her healing is done through loving Universal Energy. God has given her great gifts to help you with finding your true balance.

Today, Anna is doing her life's work and true calling - attracting wonderful people into her life. She manifested a loving happy marriage, financial success and true inner peace. She wants you to be as happy and fulfilled as she is in her life.

Psychic Intuitive Mentor and Empowerment Life Coach
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